Learning requires thinking. And writing is one of the best forms of thinking.

This is the place where I want to think while writing.

To find, create, identify, describe, collect and promote thinking tools.

To research how to use these tools to guide thinking and choices about real-world change in any field.

To research tools that work the same way everywhere: for any context, any content, any scope, any scale, anywhere.

To create a system of tools that connect, link together leverage on the network effects of Complex Adaptive Systems.

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User Experience Design, Service Design, Interaction Design, Human-Centred Design, Organizational Design, Business Strategy and Strategic Design.

Future Thinking

Exponential Technologies, Artificial Intelligences, Intelligence Augmentation, Social Innovation, Social Impact.


Instructional Design, Training Design, and Delivery, Coaching, Mentoring, Workshop Facilitation, Co-Design, Participatory Workshops, Collective Intelligence, Critical Thinking, Systems Thinking

Business Topics

Business Design, Circular Economy

A Network of Wisdom

Discover the Knowledge Ecosystem